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Charter and Bylaws in Academia


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I work in an academic department. We have our charter, but we do not have any bylaws that I can find. Shouldn't we have both?


Generally speaking, you should at least have bylaws. Some organizations also have a charter. I suppose it's possible that the charter also includes the information generally included in bylaws, but that would be unusual (and would generally be ill-advised).


It's possible that the equivalent of your "bylaws" goes under a different name. You should have some document, however, which defines the basic rules of the department. See RONR, 11th ed., pgs. 12-15 for more information about the sorts of rules which should be included in the bylaws.


(This all assumes, of course, that the department operates in the nature of a deliberative assembly, as described in RONR, 11th ed., pgs. 1-2.)

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