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Approval of agenda

Guest Scott Thomson

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Is it the same to "approve" an agenda as it is to "adopt" an agenda


I don't think there is any meaningful difference. Based on a quick search, RONR mainly uses the word "approve" in the context of minutes and as another term for the motion to Ratify, and uses the term "adopt" in other cases (including for an agenda). Colloquially, however, the words are often used interchangeably. Unless you're studying for an exam on parliamentary procedure, I wouldn't worry about it.


Probably. Unless your bylaws have been written by a professional parliamentarian. They like nuances. It pays the rent.


Oh, I'd say we usually pay our rent by clearing up the "nuances" in bylaws that others have written. :)

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If the agenda of an HOA is determined by the president, is it necessary to approve (according to Roberts Rules) it at a Board Metting


See FAQ #14.


So, two issues.

1.  Mr. Thomson, unless this is really a hypothetical question:  does your HOA president really have the authority to determine the agenda on his own?  (If he really does, then FAQ #14 does not apply.)


2.  If this is a meeting of the board of the HOA, then yes, the board approves (or adopts) the agenda for its meetings.  (That is, unless -- again -- the president really does have the authority to say what the board meetings's agendas are.  If it really is up to him, then the board has no say.)


But, now.  If this is a meeting of the HOA, not a meeting of its board, then the board should have nothing to do with determining the agenda:  the HOA's membership, the assembly at the meeting, determines its agenda (and, naturally, pretty much everything else too


(The lives of Homeowners's Association presidents would be so much easier without the pesky homeowners.).


(Trial 2.  Was that a dog or a daffodil?)

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