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Error from recorded minutes to Signed by-laws

Guest Ken Kriehn

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What is the correct procedure, do they need to be brought back up on the floor or just corrected


It depends. Please clarify exactly where the error occurred. Was there an error in what the assembly actually adopted, is there an error in the minutes, or is there simply an error in the printed copies of the bylaws?

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Can you give me a section of rules of order for back-up Several other members of group are saying that amendments must be done before they can be changed.


One would think that common sense would be sufficient to tell a member that the official record of a meeting and what the assembly actually adopted in that meeting take precedence over a typographical error in a printed copy, but if not...


"Except as it may be corrected in response to such a point of order, the exact wording the chair uses in putting the question is definitive, and the wording in the minutes should be the same." (RONR, 11th ed., pg. 45)


"The official record of the proceedings of a deliberative assembly is usually called the minutes" (RONR, 11th ed., pg. 468)


Now, if the members are suggesting that the minutes are actually in error, this could be more interesting, but otherwise I don't see how they have a leg to stand on.

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