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Whole board resigns except Treas

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What happens if a whole board resigns except the Treasurer, in the bylaws it states the President can appoint vacant seats.


I think you'll either need to:


A.) Have the general membership accept the resignations and then amend the bylaws to provide for another way to fill vacancies.




B.) Twiddle your thumbs until the next regular election.


There is no Pres or Vice can the only remaining member of the board appoint a new President?


No, for two reasons. For one thing, you probably do still have a President and Vice President (and the rest of the members of your board). Resignations are not effective until they are accepted. Secondly, your board only has the authority granted to it by the bylaws. If your bylaws say that the President can fill vacancies and say nothing else on the subject, then that's it.

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