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Over ruling a vote

Guest Denise

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Can the President or any member overrule a vote that the general body has previously voted and motions accepted and seconded?

It depends on why the President (or someone else chairing the meeting in his absence) wishes to "overrule" the vote. If it is because the chair believes that the motion itself, or the process in adopting it, is in violation of some rule in RONR or the society's rules, then the answer is "Maybe, but we need more information." The appropriate term for this, however, would be that the chair would rule that the motion is null and void, not that he would "overrule" the vote.

If it is for any other reason (such as because the President or chair simply doesn't like the motion), then the answer is "Absolutely not, unless your rules grant the President or chair such authority."

No one other than the chair has any authority to "overrule" a motion, regardless of the reason, unless your rules so provide.

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