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Guest como

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8 minutes ago, Guest como said:

how to change by laws

"The bylaws should always prescribe the procedure for their amendment, and such provision should always require at least that advance notice be given in a specified manner, and that the amendment be approved by a two-thirds vote. If the bylaws contain no provision for their amendment, they can be amended by a two-thirds vote if previous notice (in the sense defined on p. 121) has been given, or they can be amended by the vote of a majority of the entire membership."  (RONR, 11th ed. p. 580-81)

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1 hour ago, Guest Daniel Honeman said:

GM Mr. Honeman:

Could you please explain the procedures when making amendments to the constitution/article of association/by-laws etc.?

Thanks in advance,

Laurie Lightfoot - Guest

Check your bylaws first, and then see RONR, 11th ed., Section 57.

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