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HOA board is operating without a president, is this legal?

Guest eigram1950@yahoo.com

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1 hour ago, Guest eigram1950@yahoo.com said:

Can a HOA board operate without a president?

I would first note that if there is a Vice President, the Vice President automatically becomes President in the event of a vacancy.

In any event, if there is no President, then until that vacancy is filled, the assembly would elect a Chairman Pro Tempore to preside at each meeting. RONR does not assign any duties to the President other than presiding at meetings. Many societies, however, assign extensive administrative duties to the President in their rules, however, so the lack of a President may be problematic.

1 hour ago, Guest eigram1950@yahoo.com said:

Can the same board operate with two members terms expired due to Covid,  meetings are restricted, not able to get a quorum to vote for new members.

If the board can't get a quorum, the board will not be able to do anything.

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