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Looking for advice - non-profit board and President resigns

Guest Janette Xavier

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Guest Janette Xavier

Hi there, I just found your forum and this is an incredible resource!  

I was wondering if you could us.  Our non-profit board (girls soccer association) has had their President resign for personal reasons.  She no longer wants to be President and is leaving the organization. 

We don't have anything 'set' in our constitution that helps us in this case of when a President steps down.   Does the Vice President immediately move into the vacant seat?  We do have a past-president role as well as other director roles.

Thanks for your help......... now and I'm off to browse the forum some more 😃


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1 hour ago, Guest Janette Xavier said:

Does the Vice President immediately move into the vacant seat? 


"In case of the president’s resignation, death, or removal, the vice-president automatically becomes president for the remainder of the term, unless the bylaws expressly provide otherwise for filling a vacancy in the office of president (see also 56:32)." RONR (12th ed.) 47:28

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