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Q&A following the reception of a report

David D.

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In my student assembly, it has been customary to schedule "presentations" during regular meetings. These presentations are usually reports from non-members on matters affecting the assembly's business. The President invites the presenters and places them in a "presentations" section of the agenda (the President has full authority to set the agenda items, but the assembly can make motions to alter the agenda or add items during the meeting). 

Conventionally, members have been given Q&A following a presentation, even if that presentation only presents information without actionable recommendations. However, this means the assembly engages in discussion on matters without a pending question, so there is no way to limit "Q&A" as long as people want to continue asking questions. 

Is there a more proper way to arrange a limited Q&A period following an oral report of this kind, or does RONR consider this type of discussion to be avoided entirely?

The assembly officially follows Robert's Rules, but the bylaws don't even mention 'presentations,' so I sense that this entire agenda section is out of order.

Thank you.

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