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Can a report include a motion?


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If there is a standing committee report, can the committee person who is reading the report include a motion in the report? Would it need a second? Would it come before or after the unfinished business/rest of the reports? I saw a presentation where the committee person suggested the motion and a member moved to accept the suggestion, but it didn't need a second. After being moved, how would the chair address it?

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Yes. In fact that is the procedure described in RONR (12th ed.) 51:11

Not if it were made by the committee person making the report. 51:11-12

Before (immediately when the motion is made after the report).  41:14

The events you described followed RONR, except that the committee person should have moved the motion (in which case would not require a second). 

After being moved, the chair should state the motion, similar to any other motion that is in order.

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