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Feedback Request | Parliamentary Procedure in a Kids' Book


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I’ve been a member since 2018, though I only lurk. I have a bit of an unusual request, if someone can spare a few minutes.

I have written a talking animal book for middle grade children. As part of the story, the animals have called a one-time mass meeting (announced with a meeting call). Tiger the Cat is the parliamentarian, though he uses an out of date (1970) edition of RONR. The book references several subjects-- like parliamentary procedures-- about which kids just won’t be familiar. These are explained, so kids can understand them, at the ends of chapters. (It’s not a textbook but there are opportunities for learning.)

Excerpts from the two chapters on the mass meeting where parliamentary procedures come into play, the meeting call (as an image), and my kid-friendly explanation run five single-spaced pages. I understand this is a lot to ask but if someone could take a look and make sure I’ve gotten things correct, I would very much appreciate it.

I won’t attach the file until I hear back. Thanks.

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