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Denying a motion

Guest Chris H

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Guest Kim Goldsworthy


>>However, our President denied the motion citing that he did not receive it in writing [...]<<

kg: Correct. Good for you chair. He knows his stuff.

A chair indeed can demand that a motion be in writing before ente"

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Guest H.Wm.Mountcastle

It's a good citation but it's not at all clear that, in this instance, the chair was acting in good faith.

There's no indication that the motion in question was particularly complex and no indication that the chair was in the habit of requiring t"

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Guest Gary c Tesser


Rob, did the chair insist that the motion be in writing, or tell the mover to bugger off? I infer from the Original Post the latter.

Kim, c'mon!


The motion to adjourn might have been acceptable (or migh"

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