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I was recently at a meeting where the board of directors running the meeting had no quorum, however there was a quorum of the membership. Was business allowed to be conducted at such a meeting?

You (your organization, that is) needs to be clear on what kind of meetings you are having. If this was a Board meeting, then (apparently) there was no quorum there and no business may be conducted. Also, the non-Board (membership) members are not entitled to attend, although may if the Board allows or invites them, and they operate with certain restrictions, most especially not being able to vote.

If it was a Membership meeting, and as it seems a quorum was there, then all is well. But -- the Board as "the Board" is not there as such and has no authority as such, particularly to "run the meeting." Board members who are also general members can of course attend and participate, but as general members only, although the President may be presiding and Secretary taking notes for the minutes.

So.... Board meeting, or membership meeting?

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