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treasurer responsiblity

Guest Rosie

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When giving a treasurer's report shouldn't the treasurer read all money going out and all money coming in and give a repost of all bills for approval.

Not necessarily.

A treasurer's report should be fitting to the organization.

In a small org, the Tr. report can be two sentences: (1.) income; (2.) expenses.

Maybe one sentence ("cash on hand" or "account balance") if there isn't that much income/outgo for the smallest of organizations.

In an incorporated society of 10,000 members, I dare say the treasurer's report may chew up an hour of time, due to the complexity of the transactions, and sheer quantity of money flow, to and from hundreds of ledger accounts.

The organization will have to decide for itself how much complexity (how much simplicity) it wishes, given the limited meeting time, and the creeping hour of adjournment threatening to kick them all out by fixed deadline.

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