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Guest Anthony Pisauro

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Can a B.A. call a motion "Out of line"?

Your question reflects a number of issues.

1. We don't know what a B.A. is. Bad attitude? Bachelor of Arts? Boss' assistant?

2. If he/she is a member of the group meeting, then that person can raise a point of order that a motion is out of order. The chairman will rule on the point of order. If anyone does not agree with the chairman's ruling, then he may appeal the ruling to the assembly. A majority vote is required to overturn the chairman's ruling.


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sorry, Business Agent.

Can he call a motion out of line before the president?

There is no such term as "business agent" in Robert's Rules of Order.

Therefore, any power a business agent has will be solely due to your own customized rules, and not due to anything in Robert's Rules.

To answer your second question:

No, no one gets to call a motion out of line before the chair (your president, I assume).

(That's bad terminology, but I think I know what you implied.)

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