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Guest Michael

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As the parlaimentarian for a local county board of 5 members, I want to thank those of you who participate on these forums. I have learned more than I could ever have hoped simply by reading the questions asked and the answers given. While I still have to work within the open records laws, the advice given on here is extremely helpful.

Recently a councnil member thought that if he abstained from voting, his vote would be counted in the affirmative (he wanted the motion to pass, but publicly did not want to be seen voting in favor - ugh, politicians). I advised the chair that the motion failed for lack of a majority (2-2, 1 abst). The abstaining member asked how is abstention was counted, and I explained that to him. I was able to pull out RONR 10th and show him page and line.

I do get tired of reading the same old questions over and over from people who are one-time visitors, and some of the answers are sometimes short and ... how shall we put it ... condescending. But the discussion that usually follows is where I have learned so much.

So, thank you for your input.

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One is reminded of the story of President Coolidge. Known as "Silent Cal", he was a man of few words. When told of a bet that he could be made to say more than two words he replied, "You lose".

There's no evidence that he was simply completing a four-word parliamentary observation begun earlier that day.

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