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By Law Ammendments

Guest Bill

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Our HOA has hired a Management Co. to oversee our HOA, First they (the Board) decided to do this on their own they did not ask the Association Membership they just went ahead and hired them in turn raising everyones dues to pay for it!

And now they have decided (again on their own) to Ammend the current By-Laws!

Article IX States Ammendments or Additions to these By-Laws may be made by a simple majority of the MEMBERS present at a Special Meeting of the ASSOCIATION called for that purpose.

Article IV States (a)Special meetings of the ASSOCIATION may be called by the Board at anytime in the manner herein provided.

(b)A special meeting may also be called upon written petition of 10% of the ASSOCIATION Members who would have the right to vote at such a special meeting. Such petition shall set forth the purpose of the special meeting.

© Written notice of the Place, Date and hour of the meeting and the purpose for which the meeting is called shall be delivered not less than 15 days nor more than 30 days before the date of the meeting, either personally or by first class mail to each member entitled to vote at such a meeting.

So should'nt the entire "Membership" have been made aware of this meeting to Ammend the By-Laws?

They have also decided to change the way we are billed as of now we are billed a set fee for Association Dues and a set Fee per foot of road frontage per lot, The Road money is only to be used for the maintenance of the roads. But now they have changed it to everyone pays 1 set fee pertaining to the size of their lot and whether they are improved or unimproved and all monies go into 1 fund and in turn they have raised most owners dues by $100. - $300. in addition to what we were paying. Again without letting the "Association Membership" know, Can they just do this???

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