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  1. Maybe you would want to consider amending your bylaws' "Membership' section to add a subsection that reads: "Any member who proposes or seconds a motion that would have the effect of allowing smoking at any time at any club function, or any member who proposes or seconds a motion to amend the bylaws to strike out or amend this sentence, or both, shall immediately forfeit membership and shall summarily be ejected from the meeting hall, never to be allowed to be present at any meeting of the club, and never to be qualified for admission to membership in the club at any time in the future." Maybe you could even present someone who violates the bylaw with a small acrylic ball, black in color, and emblazoned with the club logo circumscribed with a red circle and having a red bar diagonally across the logo connecting at each end to the edge of the red circle, and handing it to the former member ceremoniously as the Sgt at Arms escorts the offender out of the meeting hall. I would, however, permit the Sgt. at Arms to offer the offender a light once he is outside and at least 100 feet from the hall I don't know if that should be a standing rule, though.
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