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  1. Our organizations bylaws state that to be eligible to run for an office or elected committee you must have been on a national committee of the organization. The Nominating committee says Ad Hoc committees do not count, even though the AdHoc committee was appointed by the President . They contend they should been made aware of any appointed ad hoc committees prior to the Nomination process. Is there anything in Roberts Rules of Order that addresses this? As always thank you in advance for your replies! Anne
  2. When candidates are running from the floor for an elected office or position, should requirements be the same as those candidates not running from the floor. This is a discussion our Bylaws committee is having . The organization’s bylaws now read that candidates running from the floor have to get 15 signatures from various other chapters Presidents within a 4 hour time frame, in addition to filling out a Nomination package that all candidates submit. There is a proposed amendment by the Nominating Committee that wants to amend that bylaw by striking out the signature requirement, rational being running for office should be a fair process whether you run from the floor or submit your nomination package in advance. The Bylaw Committee wants to reject that amendment from being presented for vote; their rationale being that it should be harder for those candidates running from the floor, and members wait to see who’s running then decide to run for an office/position. (penalize them for not committing sooner to run for an office sooner ) Does Roberts Rules address this in any way? Thank you!
  3. Hello I am a new member of a Board where the officers can not make a motion after they give their committee report. Most of the officers also chair a committee, so after they give their committee report, someone else has to put a motion on the floor(another officer or member of the Board). This is not in our organizations bylaws or policy and procedures. I dont understand this because I thought if the person is a member regardless of position, they had the right to make motions, a fundamental right of membership. It seems to be okay with the board members because this is coming from our Parliamentarian. Is this a board policy , I am not familiar with. She insists this is correct procedure, where is this in RROO? Thank You Cheryl
  4. Great comments thank you so much!!
  5. Our organization is revising its Policy and Procedures by our Policy and Procedures committee. Our bylaws call for nominations from the floor at our annual conference. This committee wants to delete nominations from the floor and have a final call for nominations 7 days prior to the convention. Is this valid? The committee is saying they can put this in the Policy and Procedures as part of the nominating process. The Policy and Procedures is approved by the board only and not the membership. This does not seem right! Please advise where I can find this in Roberts. Thank you!
  6. I think I understand that an election may be contested by raising a point of order. That point of order must be timely. When the point of order is raised the Chair would ask for a motion from the membership to have a recount. The elections committee (tellers) would do the recount. If a member contest the ballot vote count of her totals (she was candidate and did not win) and ask to review the ballots, is that permissible? Can she do that in front of the secretary who would have ballots after the election. Our bylaws do not address the this issue. Thank you!
  7. J. J. Does the information above, give sufficient notice? Thank you!!
  8. -events prior to meeting 14 days prior- Notification sent out via Call for Nominations email. Date of Elections was provided in the Call for Nominations Guidelines -9 days prior - Newsletter included Call for Nominations reminder and again included Call for Nominations Guidelines with the election date -5 days prior - Reminder email with Sample ballot and election guidelines, reminders was sent out in Weekly Newsletter and indicated that election would take date 2 days prior - Additional reminder email with sample ballot and election guidelines was sent out in Weekly Newsletter and indicated that election day
  9. Hello Your help needed. We have a couple of members that want to contest our election based on the fact that our membership did not recieve 10 days notification of election. Our bylaws state "Prior written notice of ten days for any election shall be given to chapter members via U.S. postal service communication." Which is debatable, because the President did send notice out via US mail, but it was sent out with other information as: campaign information and again with sample ballot. Also, it is in our bylaws that all elections are to be held in April and it was announced at a previous meetings. Based on RONR (11th ed.) pp. 444-446 shouldn't this have been done prior to voting and not after these candidates lost election? What other recourse do we have in dealing with this issue? Thank you!!
  10. At our Executive Meeting the Nominating Chair presented the names of all members running for office and who nominated them. A member said the name of the member that nominated the candidates should not be posted because it violated privacy. It is not addressed in the organizations bylaws. The Parliamentarian agreed with the member but could not give a reference in RROO. Is thst addressed in Roberts and should nominator be made public? Thanks for your help! Cheery
  11. We will include the change in our next bylaw change, but still not sure how that vacancy would be handled, so we can include proper order in the bylaws. Thanks
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