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  1. Well, first the chair or assembly would have to determine that there was a breach of a continuing nature. Then, if yes, to determine if the breach would have effected the result of the election.
  2. Cumulative vote, in this case, would be if someone wrote the same name on the paper more than once and that counted as more than one vote for that individual. In other if A, B, C, and D were all candidates, and someone wrote B's name three times, it would count as three votes for B. Is that what happened? I would say that, if this happened, and it did not effect the result, the election would still be valid, based on p. 416. In other words, if B won by 20 votes, and had more than majority without the ballot that had B's name written three times, then the election itself would be valid.
  3. That depends on what the document making the member "non-voting ex-officio" says. What does it say; please quote exactly.
  4. This is not a question relating to parliamentary procedure. You may wish to contact an attorney or accountant.
  5. Yes, I am assuming that the member has the floor.
  6. Unless your bylaws permit the meeting to be cancelled, it cannot be. Unless your bylaws say otherwise, you cannot have a Zoom meeting.
  7. In my opinion, yes, provided he still has time. Yes, provided his time has not expired. Yes. The answer would be taken from his time, unless the person he asks want to answer it on his own time. The request must be related to the business at hand (p. 294, ll. 19-23). The time would be taken from the person that is speaking in debate. You might wish to look at "Standing for Interrogation," Parliamentary Journal, January 2017.
  8. J. J.


    What happened to it? That will make a difference.
  9. If it really is an issue, the label for the screen could be "display name," or "screen name."
  10. And as the sound of celebratory gunfire wafts though the streets of the City of Brotherly Love, I wish everyone here a very Happy New Year. May 2015 be better than 2014! I would also note that it is 100 anniversary of the publishing of Robert's Rules of Order Revised.
  11. Student government in college in 1981. I started with the 1893 edition and quickly graduated to the 1915 edition.
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