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  1. The rule, " may be elected viva voce" is a rule in the nature of a rule order and could be suspended as per P. 17, ll 19-27. I don't see this as a issue, unless someone wants to have some other form of vote.
  2. I do not agree that this would be another class of membership, since this would be extended to non voting members.
  3. The motion could be rescinded, or amended using Amend Something Previously Adopted.
  4. I think the rule in RONR that the assembly would have to determine case is a rule in the nature of a rule of order and could be superseded by a special rule. Absent a special rule, it involves the right to due process, and, as a basic right of an individual member, it could not be suspended.
  5. I have to quibble with your quibble of Josh's quibble. The requirement to show cause can only exist within a meeting and does deal with the transaction of business, i.e. a penalty cannot be imposed without first establishing cause. I am not seeing a reference in RONR which says any deviation from RONR on this point must be established in the bylaws, as there are with some things, e.g. proxy voting. I would also note that there is effectively no definition of cause. A simple expression " That X be removed from office 'cause we don't want him to serve any longer," would be in order (though perhaps not advisable).
  6. Under RONR, there is no prohibition on members getting together and talking outside of a meeting. It is possible that some statute in your state may cover this; I would suggest that, for that, you contact an attorney.
  7. It is also advisable to contact an attorney for any legal requirements specifically for non-profit organizations.
  8. I think they might need a bylaw to set this rule.
  9. Strictly according to RONR, yes. Some organizations are covered by statute that prohibit or limit this ability.
  10. It would not be out of order for a member to move to adopt a motion, calling on some member to resign.
  11. If the chair fails to call the meeting to order, and the meeting is otherwise proper, the vice president can call it to order. If the president refuses to preside, the vice president will chair the meeting. If the president refuses to conduct parts of the meeting, the rules may be suspended to permit the vice president (or someone else) to preside. That would require a 2/3 vote.
  12. Yes, but any single member may demand that any (or all) motions on the list be considered separately (pp. 274-5). This might be a consent calendar, if done at every meeting. It this is to be a standard practice, it would need to be established by a special rule (p. 361).
  13. I would note that, if your game uses the US Constitution, this rule would be unconstitutional.
  14. There is no "townhall" class of meetings in RONR.
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