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  1. RONR does not cover "acting" positions, and give scant references to employees.
  2. Just show up. If they ask you to leave say no. If someone makes a motion to kick you out, raise a point of order.
  3. Look up Point of Order and Appeal.
  4. I am not sure that a lockdown would be considered a procedural rule.
  5. Assuming that the House operated under RONR, the situation could not occur as it did. A member might object to unanimous consent, but a member could not require a roll call vote. There was a quorum present.
  6. No. The assembly fully acted on the motion, even it it was not carried out. There was no more that the assembly need to do to adopt the motion.
  7. The best way, IMO, would be the inquorate meeting method. Having one member call it to order, elect temporary officers, as needed (they could be the same person), find that there is no quorum, and adjourn, would be preferable.
  8. Yes, there is a thread with much information. https://robertsrules.forumflash.com/topic/35186-unofficial-faq-electronic-meetings-to-replace-in-person-meetings/ If you have any questions, please start a new thread.
  9. I will disagree that the TSAP would apply to the internal workings of the Unit. The unit is not a subordinate body of the state.
  10. I would note that the board may express its opinion that you should recuse yourself. They cannot make you recuse yourself, even by a unanimous vote.
  11. A potential option would be to meet and set an adjourned meeting prior to May 31st.
  12. Here are several articles related to procedure during emergencies: Surviving Doomsday:Emergency Bylaw Provisions RONR versus the Blizzards Flexibility of Adjourned Meetings
  13. I think the current world situation would constitute an unusual circumstance; that is a personal opinion. Looking at the rule, the rule says "The motion and ballot ...." While this a question of bylaw interpretation, a reasonable interpretation is that the motion could be distributed outside of a meeting. Your Senate will have to be the one to make that interpretation. I would suggest that you, informally, have a conference call to discuss this with the members of the Senate.
  14. You should follow your bylaws.
  15. Agreeing completely with my colleague, I would note something similar (but not identical) was suggested by General Robert in his work Parliamentary Law (p. 452, Question 107). It would advisable to contact as many members as possible and ask them if they would support such action.
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