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  1. Does the board have the authority to hire and fire employees?
  2. If this is a mail ballot, the only thing that could be done is to have the election as soon as possible. Is this a mail ballot or a vote at a meeting?
  3. Yes. The board member is a board member until she resigns or becomes ineligible.
  4. Do the bylaws provide for the election of a parliamentarian and make him an officer? Is the parliiamentarian appointed by the chair?
  5. 10:10 Motions have continuing effect.
  6. If the rule said a donation is to be made, no additional motion is needed.
  7. As someone who does write a bit, I do not use "gender neutral" terms, though I use examples of both genders and the appropriate pronoun. Some of the things we do goes back to the 15th Century, at least.
  8. I would note that motion changing a past practice (custom) is totally legitimate; a motion should never be ruled out of order solely on the ground that it violates a past practice. In this case, there may be other reasons for ruling this particular motion out of order.
  9. Yes, however the board member may remain in the meeting until he receives the charges.
  10. The accused board member should not participate, but cannot be compelled to abstain (44:12.).
  11. Ideally, there should have a "meeting" of the membership in April, even if it was just one member that adjourned the meeting because of the lack of a quorum. It is from this that there is a problem.
  12. If I'm around for the next one, it will be Amazon.
  13. Welcome, Alicia. I will go a bit further and say that if a "non-voting member" should make a motion, the motion would be valid if entertained (and otherwise proper). A lot would depend on the specific wording of the bylaws.
  14. First of all, we would the bylaw that establishes a quorum.
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