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  1. I agree with Mr. Elsman about the correct motion to use. But I can't help wondering whether the minutes should be amended. If the name of the city wasn't part of a motion, why was it in the minutes in the first place? Was it, for example, part of an officer or committee report? If so, and if the name in the minutes is the name that was in the report, then the report may have been in error but the minutes are not. The proper action in that event would be for a corrected report to be presented at the next meeting. (It's questionable whether the report should have been included at all, as the circumstances in which an oral report is proper are somewhat limited. And if it was a written report, it definitely should not have been included.) It's also possible that the city name was part of an announcement, which normally is not not included in the minutes. But if your group does includes announcements, the same principle applies as with a report. If the minutes accurately reflect what was said in the announcement, then they should not be amended. Instead, a new announcement with the correct information should be made.
  2. Not only is there no need to address it in the bylaws, it should not be addressed there unless, for some reason, the society wants the president's voting rights to be different from the default. I can't think of any good reason that a society would want that, but I suppose it's possible.
  3. Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian colleagues! Looking forward to when I can visit again, even though I now live a lot farther from the border than I used to. (I'm now a lot closer to the Mexican border, but I can't go there either.)
  4. I once belonged to a law fraternity that used the term "scribe." But I agree that most organizations, regardless of how creative they are with the titles for other positions, tend to stick with "secretary."
  5. I don't know, but that's what the language says. If it weren't possible, it seems to me that the passage should read something more like, "reserve as much of the meeting as necessary," rather than "the entire meeting, or as much of it as necessary." (Emphasis added.) I suppose one could say that in some instances, the entire meeting is "as much of it as necessary." But it seems to me that the use of the conjunction must mean something.
  6. Is the Moderator a voting member of the church? And does he or she preside over meetings of "the larger membership"?
  7. There's a big difference. Adopting the report would mean that the society adopts every word of the report as its own. Adopting the recommendations means simply that. The recommendations are adopted, but not all of the background and other information in the report.
  8. Dr. Kapur didn't address this issue, so I will. You didn't say how "it was established that only Members can be Board Members." You said "an attorney was consulted," but so what? Did the attorney just assert "that only Members can be Board Members," or cite some authority for that conclusion? While it is customary in most organizations that the officers be chosen from among the members, RONR does not impose any such requirement. If one exists, it must come form some other source. If I understand you correctly, your bylaws are silent on any such requirement; so unless there is some such requirement in a higher-level authority, such as a corporate charter or an applicable statute, it does not exist.
  9. I also agree with Atul. The minutes should be corrected to reflect the vote result as announced by the chair. And since no timely point of order was raised, that result stands. If the motion has not already been executed, it may be rescinded, but in the meantime, it remains in full force and effect.
  10. Or if the meeting notice includes a time zone (e.g., "8:00 PM US Central Time"), use the same one in the minutes.
  11. I think that if the committee's duties as described in the bylaws make it clear that the committee is to take the specified actions without further direction, then the absence of the words "with power" doesn't preclude the committee doing so.
  12. I concur, but also point out that a unanimous vote has no special significance so far as RONR is concerned, and generally there is no need to record the fact that the vote was unanimous. The exception would be if your governing rules require a unanimous vote for some actions.
  13. Like many of my colleagues, I get annoyed by someone piggybacking on a months-old thread. I suppose it would be too time consuming for the moderators to manually lock old topics, but would it be possible to somehow set up automatic locking of threads that have been inactive for some specified period of time?
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