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  1. Provided, of course, that each meetng is within a quarterly time interval after the preceding one.
  2. True. But it is supposed to be relased at the NAP Training Conference next August.
  3. I think that change actually was in the 10th edition, and just carried forward to the 11th.
  4. It's still a rule of order. It is the function of a rule, not where it is placed, that determines whether it is a rule of order.
  5. Who says mjhmjh would be "disrupt[ing] another member's speech"? Maybe mjhmjh wants to distribute the papers during his or her own debate.
  6. A good tactic when someone makes a claim that doesn't sound right is to ask them to show you the rule that supports their claim, rather than you tryimg to find a rule to refute it. The burden of proof should be on the person making the claim.
  7. As most of the regulars know, he's a Ph.D. But he doesn't make a big to-do about it.
  8. It probably gives you some neasure of credibility. Whether the credibility is deserved is another matter. I have known some credentialed members who led me to wonder how they ever got credentialed. Fortunatly, not many (at least that I have met).
  9. Or whoever actually authorized the contractor to do the work? This ultimately is a legal question.
  10. Yes, and I know of one election in New Mexico some years ago when the sole candidate listed on the ballot came in third in the election! There was a very unusual set of circumstances, but it does show that write-in campaigns can be effective.
  11. I concur. I was in the process of typing a reply when Mr. Martin posted his reply. I have nothing to add to what he said.
  12. In other woirds, yes, they can be allowed to participate in the discussion, but not vote. And of course, they won't count as present for purposes of the quorum.
  13. Going strictly by RONR, you are never required to abstain , although you should abstain from any issue on which you have a pecuniary or personal interest not in comnon with other memberts (e.g., your husband's salary). But, since you are talking about a school board, there very well may be statutory provisions that take precedence over RONR. So my advice would be to consult the board's attorney.
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