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  1. It's all water under the bridge. Let it go.
  2. You misunderstood, J.J. The main motion that was invalidly postponed cannot be renewed, because the same main motion is still under the control of the assembly and not disposed of, temporarily or permanently.
  3. As to the third question, no. Renewing a main motion that has already been made and not disposed of is an improper main motion. RONR (12th ed.) 10:26, item 5.
  4. As to the second question, no. A Point of Order does not promote the category of business of the main motion, nor does it set back the time at which the main motion was made. It will take its regularly assigned place among the items of Unfinished Business.
  5. I agree with Mr. Honemann insofar as we have the complete set of facts. However, with Mr. Honemann, I caution that additional facts could change things completely.
  6. If no vice chairman has been named, the committee, under the leadership of an informally agreed-upon member, should elect a chairman pro tem to preside over the meeting.
  7. i think I am missing something, but I don't know what. Can you push me toward a paragraph in RONR?
  8. I would agree, but this is relevant only when previous notice of the motion is required.
  9. Since a member is free to vote for any eligible person, he is also free to nominate any eligible person (including himself, provided he is eligible).
  10. I think a fuller reply than Mr. Honemann has provided might be helpful. Debate on a motion to Amend Something Previously Adopted may extend fully into the merits of the document it is proposed to modify. If I understand the post correctly, it seems the president is incorrect. See RONR (12th ed.) 35:2, Standard Descriptive Characteristic 6.
  11. In my own opinion, the subsidiary motion, Commit, made solely for the purpose of stashing a motion until some further distant time, is not in order on account that the motion is being misused for purposes beyond the purpose given in RONR (12th ed.) 13:1. in lieu of the misuse of Commit, the main motion can have applied to it the subsidiary motion, Postpone Indefinitely. If adopted, the effect of this motion is to kill the main motion--just get rid of it. If the topic becomes more opportune at some later session, the main motion can be renewed.
  12. The item of business would not be categorized as Unfinished Business in the established order of business after the main motion had been postponed; rather, it would be re-categorized as a General Order or a Special Order, depending on the form of the motion to postpone. But, yes, a main motion can be repeatedly postponed.
  13. I continue to sporadically experience this problem that seems to have crept into the software a couple of updates ago. It is certainly frustrating.
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