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  1. R12181948

    Officers Terms

    In my organization the president has appointed members to positions that had elected members in them but they have been inactive for sometime. These members appointed atre in other administrative positions and I feel the following applies. The positions that members are not active in are elected positions. These people should resign if they haven't died. If they do not resign then anyone filling that position would only be acting. If they do resign then the person appointed to that position must resign from his first position so as not to hold two positions at one time. If that person does not resign then the person appointed to fulfill the duties would only be acting since the first person is elected. Our by laws do not address this issue. They only refer to Roberts Rules.
  2. In my organization there are several vacancies. The president says he can fill them with people already holding another office without having them vacate that office. I feel that this can only be done if the title would be acting for whatever office it is, otherwise that person should leave the office they now hold to take on the new office. Also if the office that is vacant is an elected office should not that person resign or die before it is fill ed by someone on a permanent basis? There is nothing in our by laws that refer to this but they do refer to Roberts Rules.

    1. Hieu H. Huynh

      Hieu H. Huynh

      You can post your question in the general discussion board. See here.

  3. R12181948

    Installation of new officers

    Our by laws state that new officers shall be installed at the next general meeting of the company, Jan. of each year, by the presiding officer of this meeting.
  4. R12181948

    Motion Fron The Floor

    Is it proper for a motion to come from the floor to have the president removed from office even though he/she is elected or could the motion be to suspend from office
  5. R12181948

    Removal of President

    He is not also chief By Laws state that election is yearly beginning in Jan The only provision in the by laws is to allow replacement for no activity To late because this president his gone to the point of causing such a problem within the company that it has now spilled over into the community and beyond and is really causing a problem with the company as a whole
  6. R12181948

    Removal of President

    Our small fire company wants to remove the sitting president. Our by laws do not address this issue but do say that anything not covered in them comes under Roberts Rules. Our next election is not until Dec. of this year and by then it may be to late. Do we have a vote of no confidence and if we do how do we proceed and what happens after the vote or is there another way to proceed?
  7. R12181948

    Suspended member

    Thanks to all who replied for your help.
  8. R12181948

    Suspended member

    I guess our bylaws need revamped. They were established in the early 1900's and only have changed in part from time to time. As far as charges go they do state part, "Should at any time charges, in writing, signed by three (3) or more members be handed to the President of the Company, accusing any member of having acted in a disorderly manner, a committee of three (3) members shall be appointed to investigate the charges, by the President". Then it goes on to say that the findings of this committee will be reported to the members at a regular membership meeting. The membership then will vote on the type of punishment, if any. The bylaws also state that Robert's Rule of Order does apply unless it is already covered in the body of the bylaws. Any thoughts?
  9. R12181948

    Suspended member

    Nothing in bylaws to that effect. Member was given letter stating that he could not enter company property, represent the company in any way during suspension period, or attend company functions. Member cannot attend any meetings. This is a volunteer firs company so the suspended member cannot even go on fire call even if he uses his own vehicle.
  10. R12181948

    Suspended member

    If a member of an organization is on suspended status can they prefer charges against a member in good standing or do they have to wait till their suspension is completed ?