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  1. See Sample Rules for Electronic Meetings.
  2. "The member may then speak in favor of or against a suggestion made previously or make a new suggestion and speak in favor of it."
  3. Perhaps you could amend the object of the Society.
  4. Perhaps it may be helpful to know what kind of amendment this is and how it is being amended.
  5. You could speak in debate and conclude by moving the previous question. Also see FAQ #11 regarding the previous question.
  6. Also, it may be useful to review "Giving Notice of Amendments" in RONR (12th ed.) 57:14.
  7. Ultimately it is up to your organization to interpret your rules. Perhaps your constitution could be amended if there is ambiguity in your rules.
  8. What would a president do in this committee?
  9. It appears the amended resolution was adopted.
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