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  1. Generally the balloting would be repeated until someone with a majority vote does not decline.
  2. The president only has such powers that the bylaws provide.
  3. It may be helpful to adopt a proviso with the bylaws amendment that addresses your issue.
  4. The bylaws could be amended to remove any ambiguity.
  5. Generally there could nominations from the floor and write in ballots.
  6. What exactly is your question?
  7. The bylaws could be amended to address the situation. The term limits could be eliminated as an example.
  8. It is better that the assembly understands what is going on.
  9. When the board approves its minutes, it doesn't matter who took them.
  10. The assembly decides. Also, the bylaws could be amended to remove any ambiguity.
  11. Please post as a new topic.
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