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  1. Your bylaws would specify who could call a special meeting.
  2. Was it this thread? In any case, do you have a particular question on a specific situation?
  3. Were you referring to this thread? It may be helpful to provide details on your situation.
  4. The bylaws would have to be amended.
  5. It has been working for me, not just since the upgrade, but for a while now. I get notifications in my browser and through email. Did you check your spam folder?
  6. I see that "Title" is still not specified in the Start New Topic screen (should be Title of topic and not title of person posting).
  7. It may be worth mentioning that guests cannot see the signatures.
  8. Was it just me or was the forum offline for a couple days?
  9. There is a box at the bottom of the page that you can use to type a response.
  10. It looks like you have to link directly to a post. For example, your post here. Or quote it. Or refer to the date and time of the post (12/11/2015 6:29 PM). On the bright side, all of this works much better on mobile.
  11. @Jeepien (and others) The options appear when holding "Ctrl" and right clicking on the quote box or in the normal typing area when you have copied something into your clipboard. Edited to add a screenshot:
  12. And for me, it is easier to delete quotes while on my phone than it is when using my computer. On my computer, I have to hold down the "Ctrl" key and right click on the quote box before I see an option to "Remove Quote".
  13. I see what the problem is. The quoted text contains formatting (from the original post) which won't let you bold it. You have to copy and paste it as plain text and then bold it. Here it goes: Edited to add: I was trying to "bold" this sentence:Your bylaw explicitly says a "majority vote of the total Active membership" which means what it says: a majority of all active members."
  14. I have found out that if you quote something or type something in the replies box, it automatically saves it. This could be useful when compared to the old system in which nothing was saved. I typed this response without posting it, left the thread, looked at other threads, and came back to it. It was still all there! On the other hand, you would have to delete whatever you type or quote if you don't want it to show up.
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