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  1. Hieu H. Huynh

    Bylaw amendments

    If you do not want the amendments to be adopted, you can speak against them and vote "No".
  2. Hieu H. Huynh

    one person running for board position

    If your bylaws require a ballot vote, a ballot vote must be done. If your bylaws do not require a ballot vote, the chair would declare the sole candidate elected if there are no other nominations.
  3. Hieu H. Huynh

    Rogue Executives

    See FAQ #14.
  4. I would simply say that the main motion was postponed to the next meeting.
  5. Hieu H. Huynh

    Published minutes

    Generally the minutes are to be made available to members to review. Whether the minutes would be made available to the public is up to your rules.
  6. Hieu H. Huynh

    substitute motions

    Generally a "substitute" is a form of amendment. It would not be appropriate to have a substitute to not do the main motion.
  7. Hieu H. Huynh

    Revisit or new motion?

    Generally an adopted motion could be amended by a two-thirds vote. It appears that threshold has been met in this case.
  8. Hieu H. Huynh

    Board Elections

    Vote again.
  9. Hieu H. Huynh

    Motion to start a discussion

    In small boards, informal discussion is permitted without a formal motion.
  10. Hieu H. Huynh

    Term Length Interpretation

    The bylaws could be amended to address this issue.
  11. Hieu H. Huynh

    Annual membership meeting questions

    Generally, adopted motions could be rescinded. You could also get new board members (see FAQ #20).
  12. Hieu H. Huynh

    Annual membership meeting questions

    No section in RONR talks about board involvement in the annual membership meeting. The membership controls its meetings.
  13. Hieu H. Huynh

    Annual membership meeting questions

    Special meetings can be called in accordance with provisions in your bylaws for calling special meetings. Whoever usually presides at your meetings would chair special meetings.
  14. Hieu H. Huynh

    Annual membership meeting questions

    That is up to the assembly to decide.
  15. No, they are in effect immediately.
  16. I think the questions have been answered in your other thread. Perhaps you could ask any follow up questions there. Edited to add that the threads have now been combined.
  17. Hieu H. Huynh

    write-in candidates campaign

    The answer is "No" for both.
  18. Only members of the board have the right to make motions at board meetings.
  19. An exception would be if a motion to reconsider was adopted. Your other thread suggests that this may be the case.
  20. Generally the same motion cannot be renewed at the same meeting, regardless of whether the meeting was in executive session.
  21. No. Only a member who voted with the prevailing side (in this case, against the motion) could make a motion to reconsider at the same meeting.
  22. Hieu H. Huynh

    Vice President out of order

    Perhaps there could be a new vice president (see FAQ #20).
  23. Hieu H. Huynh

    Nominations for office

    And the other thread is here.
  24. You would have to follow the process in your bylaws for its amendment. Absentee voting is not allowed unless your bylaws provide for it.