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  1. This appears to be the same question posted by the same person here.
  2. Fill the vacancy and that person will serve until the election is completed.
  3. The minutes could be corrected to reflect what was adopted. Perhaps a committee could be created for approving minutes.
  4. RONR does not mention who creates the ballots. Your organization could decide such a detail.
  5. It appears the position is vacant and the election is incomplete.
  6. Raise a point of order that the candidate does not meet the eligibility requirements according to your bylaws.
  7. No rule in RONR requires nominees to abstain. Repeat the voting until someone receives a majority vote.
  8. It seems to me that it shouldn't take that much effort to get signed documents.
  9. The meeting could simply go into executive session.
  10. Your organization would have to decide what happens if there are sessions of different memberships.
  11. There wouldn't be minutes if there was no meeting.
  12. Yes, it would be correct that the assembly would not be able to transact business if no quorum.
  13. RONR does not require it but your rules might.
  14. The term "bylaws" in RONR also refers to the constitution, so there would be no difference in this regard.
  15. A motion to amend something previously adopted would require a two-thirds vote, a majority vote given previous notice or a vote of a majority of the entire membership, any of which will suffice.
  16. No. That person could preside although being a past president has nothing to do with it.
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