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  1. 2014 is becoming last year as 2015 spreads across Asia. Best wishes for the new year to one and all.
  2. Check your bylaws and other rules to see if you have any special rules about resignations. Otherwise, you need to take action at a meeting. In the meantime, have somebody fill in as Secretary Pro Tem until you can straighten things out if the current Secretary will not do the job. This is not a perfect solution.
  3. Do the bylaws have a clause that allows for their suspension?
  4. Could it not be taken that the bylaws did not finish the rules for a committee by saying who the members are. Thus the proper authority for naming members could name an office to the committee making for an ex officio member. A broad resolution naming an office to all standing committees is just filling many with one motion. I do not see any rule being violated.
  5. If it was "pasted" I wonder why everybody got so angry. :-)
  6. The minutes tell you what was actually done at the original meeting. So the wording used at the meeting is what goes into the minutes. If you need to amend the motion, you use the motion the Amend Something Previously Adopted.
  7. Come on gang, the minutes need to be done on Vellum with the first character being done in 24 carat gold. :-)
  8. Warn her politely that her points of order are not points of order and that if she continually abuses point of order, you are then under no obligation to recognize her. An appeal on something of which there is only one interpretation is not allowed. Your job now is to find the page references in RONR11 and let her know what they are. Hint -- the index is very useful.
  9. And the next time the Exec Pres interfers, ask her to point out exactly where the rules say that she can do so.
  10. How did it end? If there was no decision eventhough a motion was made, then it might go under unfinished business; if a motion to "punish" was defeated, the matter is closed. You don't give us enough information.
  11. There are several meanings depending upon the exact wording of the bylaws. Your organization is going to have to interpret what is meant.
  12. The structure you should have is the one that suits your organization. Only your members can decide
  13. Ask your Secretary/Treasurer where such a statement is found in RONR 11 (and don't hold your breath as he tries to find it as you will die from lack of O2).
  14. I agree with the member from Brooklyn although you can achieve the lower voting requirement by giving notice.
  15. It passes as more voted for it than against. Abstentions don't count except to show that a quorum was present.
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