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  1. My organization will be electing officers in June. A Nominating Committee will present a slate of proposed officers at our Quarterly meeting in March. Our bylaws allow nominations from the floor. We plan to have printed ballots for the voting in June. The proposed slate of officers will be on the ballot. Question: How do I handle nominations from the floor? Do I include a "Write In:" area on the ballot? Do I write in the names of the floor nominations and then copy the ballots before the voting begins? We have had so many errors in past elections, I would really like to do it right this time. Thank you Gloria
  2. I am te president of an organization. Our Vice President (we only have 1 VP) has resigned. Our bylaws require that the President can fill a vacancy by appointment with the approval of BOD. The bylaws does not address the naming of interim officers. I would like to name an interim VP. Must an interim VP have BOD approval.
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