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  1. Is it appropriate/legal for a board to endorse the incumbents in an election? Thank you
  2. Following the guideline that only actions are minuted, should we minute actions decided upon without a motion? For instance: we direct manager to investigate an issue and report back to board. Thank you in advance.
  3. Very helpful answers providing clarity to terminology. However, I am still inquiring as to if we need to take minutes in an Executive Session Thank you
  4. Is their any structural difference between a closed or executive session. Are the minutes for both or either confidential? THank you
  5. Excellent I appreciate the information
  6. If a board meets with the finance committee to review the annual budget are minutes necessary? Thank you
  7. Is there any criteria that should be followed to decide if an issue needs to be stated as a motion? Thank you
  8. What is the difference between a closed session and an executive session?
  9. Do you take minutes of closed sessions and are they made public to owners of a condo association?
  10. We have a board member who is asking for the board's endorsement for his next election and he would like that action minuted. Thoughts please. . .
  11. Prdmry


    Do we need to minute the votes of board members as to who voted yes or no?
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