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  1. Thank you all so much for this information. It is very helpful. Mr. Mervosh, the report is for information only.
  2. I am a school board member. Below is a copy of our agenda. Under Item 10.3, a staff member will present the back to school plan to the board. It will not come out of a committee. The plan includes option A (Virtual) and B (in-person). If I wanted an option C (hybrid) to be considered, could I make a motion for the administration to develop and present Option C to the board? Can motions only be made for certain items, such as new business? The board is under the assumption that motions can only be made and action can only be taken under the action items and approval part of an agenda. Thank you for your time DATE: JULY 21, 2020 BOARD AGENDA 1.0 Call to Order 6 p.m. Chair Presides 2.0 Executive Session 2.1 Employment Recommendations for 2020–2021 3.0 Adjourn Executive Session 4.0 Call to Order General Session 6:30 p.m. 4.1 Notification of Compliance with S.C. Freedom of Information Act 4.2 Notification that District Tapes Meeting 4.3 Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance 5.0 Approval of the Agenda 6.0 Approval of Minutes of the June 2, 8, and 23 Board Meetings 7.0 Reports and Action Items, if Needed, from Executive Session 8.0 Citizens’ Participation 9.0 Action Items 9.1 Changes to 2020–2021 Academic Calendar — Chief Academic Officer 10.0 Superintendent’s Report 10.1 Report — Superintendent’s Update 10.2 Report — Stronger Together Back to School Planning Process - Leadership Development and Continuous Improvement Director 10.3 Report — Stronger Together Back to School Plans — Professional Learning Coordinator 10.4 Report — Operations Update — Chief Operations Officer 11.0 Items for Board Information 11.1 Monthly General Fund Budget Transfers — June 2020 11.2 Monthly Capital Projects Report — June 2020 11.3 Monthly Unauthorized Procurements Report — June 2020 12.0 Adjourn
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