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  1. Note that in order to make a motion to adjourn, a member must first obtain the floor.
  2. I don't see where you're getting the idea that the vacancy is in the office of vice president. The bylaws (if you can call them that) seem to explicitly provide some process for filling the office of president to the complete the unexpired term.
  3. Actually, it seems to say a lot more than that. Suppose 20 members show up and then 15 of them leave. Then another 20 members show up. This rule would seem to indicate that a quorum of 40 members has now been obtained, even though there were never more than 25 members in the room at one time.
  4. I think you mean that it's 41 if the number of members is more than 400 but less than or equal to 410. (Technically, "between" is not inclusive.)
  5. I would have expected so as well, but that doesn't change my opinion about what the actual rules are.
  6. No. The book refers in a number of places to reconsidering a postponement (see e.g. p. 112, ll. 28-31). I don't think it is alluding only to the brief interval after the adoption of Postpone and before other business is introduced, especially reading the text of SDC 8 of Postpone to a Certain Time and comparing the adjacent sentences to each other: An affirmative vote on the motion to Postpone can be reconsidered. A negative vote on the motion to Postpone can be reconsidered only until such time as progress in business or debate has been sufficient to make it essentially a new question. Thereafter, the motion can be renewed (see pp. 339–40).
  7. If the assembly votes to reconsider an adopted motion to Postpone Definitely, then the main motion will also be pending during the reconsideration, so that if the motion to Postpone is rejected, the main motion (or whatever adhering motion was immediately pending when Postpone was first moved) will become immediately pending.
  8. Looks like you guys could both use a new copy of the 11th Edition of RONR. 🙂
  9. Hmm, isn't ammunition that stuff they use in guns?
  10. Is that better than mulling it over in your beer? :-)
  11. It may depend on how much hissing and spitting occurs among the audience (cf. RONR 11th ed., p. xxxiv).
  12. I assume Tomm wants to make sure that if he buys a new edition now, it won't imminently be superseded by the 12th edition. But no need to worry -- there are yet many moons for enjoying the 11th edition before that happens.
  13. Click on the J to edit your office. If you then point to the right spot, there should be something to click on to upload the photo. On my screen, it looks like a picture of a mountain range.
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