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  1. Shmuel Gerber

    Order of Precedence

    You're probably thinking of page 63, lines 1-5.
  2. Shmuel Gerber

    Order of Precedence

    And of course what I mean is that the motion to refer can be postponed together with the main motion. But it would be absurd to refer to a committee the question on postponing the main motion.
  3. Shmuel Gerber

    Non-agenda actions

    Yes, welcome. (Unless you're a spambot, in which case not welcome.)
  4. Shmuel Gerber

    'Show of Hands' Question

    With due respect to the self-described southpaws here, I don't see how being left-handed is any impediment to raising the right hand during a vote. In fact, this leaves your dominant hand free to take notes or do some other useful thing while all the righties are stuck just waiting for their votes to be recognized. I don't know where this practice came from, but I assume it is simply more practical, especially where the members are seated close to each other, than having members possibly randomly jamming their hands into or near each other, like when a right-handed person is seated to the left of a left-handed person at the dinner table.
  5. Shmuel Gerber

    Order of Precedence

    Yes. :-) Because a motion to refer can be postponed, but a motion to postpone cannot be referred. Because, aside from a recess or adjournment, an order of the day does not interfere with a question of privilege.
  6. Shmuel Gerber

    Seconding a motion (caveat)

    Wow. Y'all have so much comedic potential, we may just have to set up a cover charge for readers of the forum.
  7. Shmuel Gerber

    Motions at annual membership meeting

    "A motion made by direction of a board or duly appointed committee of the assembly requires no second from the floor (provided the subordinate group is composed of more than one person), since the motion's introduction has been directed by a majority vote within the board or committee and is therefore desired by at least two assembly members or elected or appointed persons to whose opinion the assembly is presumed to give weight regarding the board's or committee's concerns." (RONR, 11th ed., p. 36, ll. 15-23) "Motions to Implement Recommendations. When a report contains recommendations . . . the reporting board or committee member usually makes the necessary motion to implement the recommendations at the conclusion of his presentation, provided he is a member of the assembly (see examples, pp. 514–16 and 519ff., in which it is generally assumed that the 'reporting member' is a member of the assembly). . . . No second is required in these cases, since the motion is made on behalf of the board or committee (see p. 36, ll. 15–23). "If the person presenting the report is not a member of the assembly or for any other reason does not make the required motion to implement the recommendations as just described, any member of the assembly can do so; but the motion should then be seconded. Or, when the proper motion is a matter of clear-cut procedure and must necessarily be introduced to resolve the case, the chair may sometimes expedite matters by assuming the motion—that is, stating the question on it without waiting for it to be made—provided that the assembly is accustomed to this method.* "*Such a practice is justified by the fact that more than one person must have voted for the recommendation within the board or committee and must therefore wish it to come before the assembly." (p. 507, ll. 4-29 and footnote)
  8. Shmuel Gerber

    VOTE OF no confidence

    See http://www.robertsrules.com/faq.html#7
  9. Shmuel Gerber

    Postponement of proposed late addition to agenda

    Normally a motion to add an item to an agenda would be a subsidiary motion to amend the agenda while the adoption of the agenda is pending. However, presumably in this case the bylaws have somewhat detailed rules regarding the content of the agenda, so it would depend on exactly what those rules say. In any event, I don't see how it's possible to postpone to the next meeting the adding of an item to the agenda of this meeting.
  10. Shmuel Gerber

    Motions at annual membership meeting

    Well, at least one other person in the committee.
  11. Shmuel Gerber

    motion to renew?

    About the parliamentarian, he was trying to say also not.
  12. Shmuel Gerber

    New Kindle version of RONR coming Out?

    Unfortunately, at this time I think the best comment is "no comment."
  13. Shmuel Gerber

    Changes to motion after notice is given

    Maybe y'all need to start a new thread in which you can argue about what Dan Honemann really meant. Of course, this being an exercise in literary analysis, Mr. Honemann's own views of the matter will be irrelevant. Now I shall proceed to explain: What he said was that if he was wrong (which he wasn't), the rights of absentees have got nothing at all to do with it. [Which, when you think about it, is an obvious statement, because how on earth could the rights of absentees have anything to do with Dan being wrong, which he never is, eh?]
  14. Shmuel Gerber


    Yep. They serve them at all the breakfasts for the Flat Earth Society.