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  1. I'm not sure our servers would have enough space for all the poorly written bylaws out there. It seems almost like bad sportsmanship to try catching them.
  2. Never. But the motion that was rescinded can be adopted again at the next session.
  3. That's not what the Advanced Discussion forum is for, and I doubt it would make any difference in the quality of the answers. Anyone who can post a response in the General Discussion forum can post one in the Advanced Discussion forum, and vice versa. (Starting a new topic in the Advanced Discussion forum, however, requires registering as a member.)
  4. OK, so then it makes sense for the change in the number of directors to be effective as of the elections at the upcoming annual meeting. This should be specified in the motion to change the number of directors that is actually made at the special meeting, not just in the meeting notice.
  5. We have met the forum, and it is us.
  6. That's probably close enough, but ideally you would want the change in the number of directors to take effect simultaneously with the changeover of the board members; otherwise, there is doubt about who is on the board between the time of the election and the time the election goes into effect. You say that "Newly elected directors take office once the annual meeting is adjourned", but do the bylaws actually say that?
  7. Do the directors take office at the time of the election (as is the default in RONR) or at some later time?
  8. That's if you assume that it's a meeting of the executive committee. I got the impression that this is a meeting of some larger group.
  9. Any member calls the meeting to order and conducts an election for temporary chairman, who then conducts an election for temporary secretary as well as the rest of the meeting (until the chair or vice chair arrives).
  10. I don't read the quoted provision as giving the owners the ability to determine the number of directors for one specific year. My interpretation would be that from time to time, the owners determine the number of directors, and it stays at that number until they change it at a later time.
  11. Do you have an account that you'd like to delete? Your message was posted as a guest.
  12. On page 590, line 6, it says, "Article IV, Section I of the Sample Bylaws". That section number should be a regular number 1, not a roman numeral.
  13. I was wondering if anyone was going to notice the lack of a second in @Joshua Katz's reply.
  14. Well, if an abstention is in the form of a blank (ballot), it would be considered a blank.
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