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  1. (Of course bylaws interpreted by body, they will decide what they mean etc...) But wondering your thoughts. Convention of delegates. Rule says you have to get 60% of registered delegates "as reported by final credential report" Agenda had registration close at 10am and after that final credential report. Final report said 98 (of 99 possible). Move on to other agenda items After final report and before first vote, someone left. When vote taken only 98 ballots cast (so no one noticed anything wrong). Had to recess due to lateness of evening after 12 rounds of votes. During night someon
  2. Chairmen is correct. Chairmen does not refer to a gender but a species. Thus the society of dogs playing poker has a chairdog even it is lassie, The smurfs have a chairsmurf even if smurfette is elected
  3. You could also fall back on 588. If the majority believe that the bylaws allow this, then they would be the ones who would have final say on what the bylaws say.
  4. And it needs to be clear that they are requesting information, not giving. I have rarely seen someone who rises to "make a point of information" want to ask a question. They usually do not like what the person debating is saying and want to correct them. That would be improper (that would be debate) and the reason that the name was changed to make it clear.
  5. Sadly, it was early in agenda. But long debate on rules, nominations, one other election that had to take place and other items that delay things (One was an extended motion, amendment and debate on how to make ballot - Circle or Check Mark or both - probably one of the most silly topics I have ever seen taken seriously) We did finish on time (actually earlier than I thought) do to great work by tellers. But as we waited topic came up on what if they didn't finish in time, what we needed to do. We had similar idea on adjourn meeting (couldn't extend as the reason for the time was we lose the r
  6. How was there a second? Yelling "Second" does not a second make. And yelling "point of order" does not a point make.
  7. RONR 215. l 15 - 22. You can lay individual agenda items on the table to get to item you want.(Proper as you are not suppressing debate, but getting to a item that a majority wishes to deal with now.) Not what I was talking about but wanted to be clear on that this is one of those times when table is proper. As it turned out, we were able to not do anything by not doing anything. Agenda item came up. No motion was made. We moved on.
  8. Agenda has Adjourn Sine Die at time Certain 3:30. Convention of delegates, so no other meeting will take place. Meeting is running long and vote does not take place until 3:00. Voting for 5 positions. Rules say that winners are top votes (do not need 50%). Ties broken by coin flip by tellers. Votes are still be counted at 3:30. What happens to votes? What do you put in the minutes?
  9. @Josh, When I was writing question has something else in mind. Table agenda is good for the "get this junk out of the way, we only care about item 10" vs I don't want to deal with item 7-9 now, want to deal with them later, which is not proper. Trying to the later and as you pointed out - not proper. I am leaning towards PI which was actually my first thought, though I usually associate it with the "we don't want to talk about this at all". Problem with voting down is minutes will read - Motion to endorse defeated. Someone looking back at minutes will not be able to tell if the folks were a
  10. Setting is convention will delegates. Agenda item is to endorse a person for position (not elect, just give endorsement.) The lone current endorse has withdrawn. Meeting is in a few days. General feeling is that we need time to let other people make their case and decide at a later time. Bylaws allow for calling another convention for that purpose. So what is the best way to handle this. Agenda item is consider endorsement. So is best way to: 1) Table the agenda item (one of the only times table is actually in order). 2) During the agenda item, vote down a motion to endorse. 3) During th
  11. You had it right above. I am trying to make it generic to make it easier. So the Constitution is say for the State Body and the convention that is electing delegates to the state is a city. (Non-government entities, just using state and city to represent relationship). So in this instance, the only statement about who is eligible is in the State Constitution. The City constitution is silent on entire issue. Thanks for the reference, the example on l. 31 would seem to answer the question.
  12. Understanding this is a bylaws question so usual figure it out yourself rules apply, but looking for opinion. If the constitution state that in order to be a delegate to a higher level convention a person must be x. Could the body that elects their delegate add to those requirements? For instance if the constitution "a delegate must be a resident of the state and 21 years of age." and states no other requirement. Is there anything in RONR that would prevent the body from adopting a rule during the election stating something like "In order to be nominated for delegate, a member must have 1
  13. Not to quibble but this is usually what causes problem. Make a motion, then have discussion on motion. The whole let's talk and then make a motion and vote without discussion is what I see in town meetings. Not good RONR.
  14. rthib


    Required - No. Standard - Yes.
  15. RONR p. 263 RULES THAT CANNOT BE SUSPENDED. Rules contained in the bylaws cannot be suspended.
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