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Board Chair Resigning

Guest Jenny

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At our next meeting, the Board Chair will be resigning because he is no longer elible to serve as chair. He planned on handing things over to the V-C for the remainder of his term. Does the V-C automatically take over at that point and run the meeting? Who appoints who takes over for the V-C then--the incoming Chair out outgoing?

Another question:

If you hold officer elections right before your regular meeting and one of the officers loses their position, does the newley elected take over the spot immediately or at the next regular meeting?


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Presuming (always risky, but what else is possible?) your bylaws say nothing to the contrary, the Vice-Chair automatically becomes the Chairman when the (current) chairman resigns, and his resignation is formally accepted by the board.

As for filling the (new) V-C vacancy, with a little luck how to do that will be in your bylaws. If not you will have to hold an election with the same class of members voting as did in the previous (regular) election of the vice-chair.

Second question: elections become effective IN the meeting when the results are formally announced. So that is when the winner takes the position. But check your bylaws on this one too: they may have a date/time spelled out when newly elected officers take office.

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