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  1. Well, a firecracker, anyway. Paraphrasing a portion of Article VIII (page 588) in ELI5 terms.... If RONR says one thing and an association's rules say another, the the association's rules prevail. The difficulty arises in the manner that the Article specifies where the association's rules are found: "...[in] these bylaws and any special rules that the Society may adopt." The use of the word "and" is the logic problem. It requires that the rules (that are inconsistent with RONR) are to be found in BOTH "these bylaws" AND "any special rules". It is quite unlikely that an inconsi
  2. The system told be the upper limit when I attempted to upload an (earlier) larger version -- I promptly forgot the number. So just try it and you will learn.
  3. No, No. YOU're supposed to be spending all your days chasing spam away, not me!
  4. I suppose you could spend all your days chasing Spammers away, but there sure are a lot of them showing up very recently. Have I got a deal for you on bitcoins!!!! Yeah, right.
  5. Would it be possible to lean on the suppliers of the B-Board system to change the title of the required "Title" fill-in box to something like "Topic" or "Subject" or the like? This is the box that you get when you click on "Start new Topic". Many of the posting show only "Mr." or "Ms" or "Association President" as the title. This conveys no information as to the real content of the posting. It's natural as the newbies (guests, usually) take the word to be asking for their titles, not a "title" for the posting. This makes it hard to select those that fit one's specialty (if any) to re
  6. Click on your name (upper right corner), then on "Profile", then on the box that is at about 7:00 on the edge of your current picture - lower left. Doesn't everybody know how to do that?
  7. I can hardly wait. Can I upgrade my life, too?
  8. Please (re)post this question in the General Discussion section.
  9. Ah, but has his resignation been accepted,as yet? Check this link.
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