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  1. jstackpo

    Board Letter of Commitment

    I went to the AAM (American Alliance of Museums, right?) webpage to see how they did things of the sort you might be contemplating. But the bylaws were behind a "members only" wall; no luck. (I'm not a hacker enough to get through.) You might look there, << https://www.aam-us.org/ >> ,however, presuming that you are a member and can see the bylaws/
  2. jstackpo

    Board Letter of Commitment

    Rules for or against none of what you plan is found in RONR, but it sure would be a good idea to share a draft of your letter of commitment, if for no other reason to get folks comfortable with it before they are asked to sign on -- and look for hidden glitches! If you intend that there are, or should be, "consequences" related to membership perks and the like if one declines to sign, this might very well require bylaw provisions to spell out.
  3. jstackpo

    Removal of President

    And that election takes place in a general membership meeting, with a previous notice that there will be an election. page 575. UNLESS the board has "full power and authority between meetings of the membership", page 467, (check the bylaws), in which case the board can fill the vacancy, (but not the president alone).
  4. jstackpo

    Removal of President

    Yes, since he/she is a member of the board. That makes it a tad more difficult to remove the president, of course, but it is supposed to be. You don't want to go around removing presidents for light and transient reasons. That should encourage you to elect a better one next time around.
  5. jstackpo


    Yes, although an individual cannot "force" a ballot vote on an issue, or in elections. It requires a majority vote to replace a show of hands with a secret ballot. See page 283ff. Are you sure your bylaws don't already require a ballot vote for elections? Worthwhile to check.
  6. jstackpo

    Executive Order from the Chair

    Do the bylaws specify what body, or perhaps who, does set the dues? If the dues amount is in the bylaws it will require a bylaw amendment to change them. Same question, then, but relative to amending the bylaws.
  7. jstackpo

    Board member resignation

    Since you are, I take it, a Member of the Board, you are entitled to vote on ALL Board matters, including filling the vacancy. Your management is dead wrong (unless there is some special rule in your bylaws). Ask the management to show you the rule preventing you from voting -- I'll bet they won't be able to.
  8. jstackpo

    meeting closed to members

    No need for a "special" exec session. Any group can close their meetings to all non-member outsiders. Even though some folks may be members of the overall association, they are not members of the board so can be excluded.
  9. Since the ExecComm has legitimately adopted something on behalf of the association -- presuming they had the authority to do so -- the motion you want to use is Rescind/Amend Something Previously Adopted, p. 305ff. Note that adopting that motion requires a 2/3 vote, unless you give a clear and reasonably explicit previous notice (p. 121). If you do then a majority will carry the day. See p. 305 for further details, some of which may be important in your particular context.
  10. Yes, unless the ExecComm is given EXCLUSIVE (by the bylaws) power or control over the matter involved in the vote. This presumes your ExecComm is actually a Board, in RONR's sense -- p. 485.
  11. jstackpo

    Call for Special Board Meeting

    You are entirely welcome. Cumon back, 'hea?
  12. A point of order is entirely proper, but you have the wrong reason: The lack of notice is a clear violation of member's rights: everybody has the right to know about the pending bylaw amendments. The motion to amend the bylaws is simply out of order and should not be considered at all. No call to table or postpone it. A vote (if adopted) will create a continuing breach of order (RONR, p. 251) Either that or a clear and exact statement of the purpose and content of the proposed amendment. RONR, p. 121ff. If you don't think the notice met this criterion, raise a point of order.
  13. jstackpo

    New business not allowed

    Do those bylaws even mention that there IS a Board of Deacons? How are the Deacons selected? Do the Bylaws say, somewhere, that Robert's Rules is the parliamentary authority for business meetings of all sorts? Do the bylaws give him/her the authority to disallow "New Business", unless, presumably, he/she introduces it? And, just out of idle curiosity, what variety of church, denomination, are we talking about?
  14. jstackpo

    New business not allowed

    Under RONR the moderator/chairman/presiding officer has no authority to "disallow" anything (that would be proper to bring up in the first place), particularly ahead of time. Perhaps church rules are different, but that seems pretty extreme.
  15. jstackpo

    Call for Special Board Meeting

    Never heard of such a thing. As one of the former participants in this forum would respond, somewhat unfelicitously: "They're your bylaws, you tell us!" ☹️ I suppose if the general membership required the board to meet -- to consider some specific business, as Special Meetings are supposed to -- the board members could just not show up - no quorum, no business. Or meet and immediately adjourn. Seems a completely toothless provision.