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What is difference between "table a motion" and "table a motion to next meeting"? Please explain. Thank you.

You should take a look at FAQ 12, and follow the references to RONR (10th Edition) for more details.

To Lay on the Table is to temporarily put aside the current business to take up a more urgent matter. To resume, after the urgent business is dealt with, the motion to Take From the Table brings it back, and you pick up where you left off. If it is not taken from the table by the next regular meeting (assumingly held within a quarterly time interval), or if the next meeting is not within a quarterly interval, the tabled motion dies.

To "table to the next meeting", you should really use Postpone to a Certain Time. You can't table a motion to a time or meeting in the future, but you can "postpone" it.

See RONR (10th Ed.) Section 17 (Lay on the Table), 34 (Take from the Table), and 14 (Postpone to a Certain Time) for more information.

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