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  1. Gary Novosielski

    Executive Decisions

  2. Gary Novosielski


    If a resignation has not yet been accepted, it can be withdrawn by the person who offered it. If it has been accepted, the action is complete at that point and cannot be rescinded. At that point the only way the former member can be get back on the board would be the same way anyone gets on the board, by election, or appointment or however your rules provide.
  3. Gary Novosielski

    Executive Decisions

    But normally a board doesn't have the power to delegate its power, or am I misremembering?
  4. Gary Novosielski

    Executive Decisions

    Oh, they does, does they?
  5. Gary Novosielski

    RROI and Referendum Question

    Anybody have a guess on what RROI stands for? Robert's Return On Investment?
  6. Gary Novosielski

    2/3 voting

    No, a 2/3 vote does not mean 2/3 of the number of members. It means 2/3 of those present and voting. But if everyone shows up and nobody abstains, the requirement would be 7.333... people. No need to round off. If you have greater than or equal to 7.333... people voting in the affirmative, the motion passes. If not, it fails. So if 7 people vote yes, it fails, and if 8 vote yes it passes. That doesn't mean the requirement changes. It just means that fractional people are few and far between. The shortcut way of figuring a 2/3 vote is this: If the number of Yes votes are twice as much as the number of No votes (or better), the motion passes.
  7. Gary Novosielski

    Coming Out of Executive Session

    As a school board, they may require a motion and recorded vote.
  8. Gary Novosielski


    Not proper. Not valid, Not binding. The only rules that are suspendible are those in the nature of rules of order--those that pertain the conduct of business in a meeting. Rules relating to previous notice may never be suspended unless they include a provision for their own suspension. And such rules rarely do. So your only option is to amend the bylaws, but that often adds additional requirements in terms of previous notice. So you're in a pickle, but whatever the chair did at the last General Meeting is null and void. Since there is a contract involved, you're going to have to fix it, or it will surely come back to bite you. Breaches of the rules such as this don't simply go away.
  9. Gary Novosielski

    Family members and Executive Board

    There's a lot of truth in what actually happens.
  10. Gary Novosielski

    Commander Added Unrecorded Comments to Meeting Minutes

    ...which can be reconsidered by one voting on the triumphant side.
  11. All is well now. I was getting a Windows Server default screen.
  12. Gary Novosielski

    no candidate to nominate

    If no candidate can be found before the election, how will a candidate be found afterward? Get the person you were going to appoint, and convince them to stand for election.
  13. Yikes, the site seems to be down.
  14. Even non-hearsay comments do not belong in the minutes. The minutes are a record of what was done, not what was said. They include the motions made, and whether they were passed, rejected, referred, postponed, or what-have-you. They do not include debate or other comments, whether hearsay or not.