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  1. The proper way to avoid being bound by adopted motions is to resign from the organization. Failing that, expulsion from membership can be equally effective.
  2. Not ordinarily. A recommendation to approve funds can be included in a committee report.
  3. A 2/3 vote is satisfied if there are at least twice as many Yes votes as No votes. Abstentions and absences are not votes.
  4. Advisory, and arguably inadvisable. All that is necessary is for the president to announce such appointments, typically during the time for reports of officers.
  5. I am trying to get my head around the concept that a group of rational beings would rebel at the idea that they democratically choose the time and date of the next meeting, yet not rebel at the idea that one individual should have he power to dictate when and where they must show up, no matter how inconvenient. Since the bylaws are typically voted on by the general membership, it is usually the case that the board meets whenever the full membership says they do. It has been amply demonstrated in practice that having a planned and predictable day when meetings are held leads to more reliable attendance.
  6. I suspect they're confusing this with the rule that two members of a committee may call a meeting if the chair fails to do so.
  7. Yes, the president was quite correct. You can't vote unless you are present. And you can't vote before voting begins.
  8. If the board wishes to do so, there's no rule against it in RONR. However, a person on the phone is not considered "present" and does not count toward a quorum. The board may allow them to speak, but not to vote. To allow full participation by phone, the bylaws would have to be amended to authorize this and to set down rules for how such participation would be handled.
  9. Simply combine the names on all the lists. That is your pool of nominees. You're voting for people, not for lists.
  10. The word emergency appears three times in the text, twice referring to an emergency adjournment, and once with respect to expiring terms of officers. Emergency meetings are not mentioned. So, unless emergency meetings are covered in your bylaws, RONR treats any meeting called for a time not that of a regular meeting as a special meeting. And without a bylaws provision special meetings, emergency meetings, or whatever you call them, are not allowed. Any decisions reached at such a "meeting" would be null and void. Ratifying the decisions at the next board meeting would be in order, within the rules of §10 regarding ratification, particularly that an assembly can ratify only those actions that it would have had the authority to authorize in advance.
  11. It is not clear to me that the motion to Reconsider was in order in the first place. It is clear it the motion to be reconsidered was not adopted earlier in the same meeting or the previous day.
  12. It's better than Lauren Auder, or Okei Sosumi.
  13. Of course not. I just believe they should.
  14. That's why Josh has that statement in his signature. 👇
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