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Does the by-laws need to be given to a lawyer and turned into the state to be filled ?

Nothing in RONR requires it.

Depending on what kind of organization you are, and under what laws you may be operating, there may be some such requirement. That you are asking indicates you may think this is so. Perhaps an initial inquiry to a lawyer is warranted, just to be sure.

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Thank you David,

I coulnt find in the book either. Our "New" Sec. thinks it should be and I think its a way for the lawyer to get some money when not needed...

Well, you might ask this new Secretary why s/he thinks this? Is there any documentation to support that opinion? There just might be, so it couldn't hurt to ask.

You might also be able to find a lawyer who would at least be willing to answer one (simple?) question for you without charging you, or very much. Many are in it to be helpful, too.

Good luck.

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