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I guess I start by giving a littel history of our organization. It was last year when we came up with the idea of having a club of our own when the other club collapsed. As the President I worked hard on getting us to be Federal Exempt and Incooporated. I developed the Consitution and By-laws last year which was hard work. It took me (us) 10 months to finally get this off the ground. We became 501 C4 Federal Tax exempt. We fund raise our money from a big event that we (members) volunteered. We get paid by earning commision. We started out well and our goals were clear.

Now the mishaps:

1. Another officer has been taking money from our funds for his/her personal use when the some of the club member agreed but not the whole organization. That has created a problem for us.

2. When an issue came up the President felt that is was nescessary to call a meeting but then the vice president nulled it.

3. It was not clear of our roles. The vice president is a coordinator at the big event which is seperated from the club but used us as volunteers. The vice president took control of the organization, money, and decision making without the involvement of the members and the other officers.

4. It appears that the money has been depleted by that officer. The money was to go to the members at prizes and the cost of traveling to certain places. However that is going to cut due the money not being there. I am wanting to know what are the procedures or what should be do about this.

Thank you,

Concern President

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