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Yes. The required vote to amend/rescind something previously adopted is 2/3 vote without notice, majority vote with notice, or a majority vote of the entire membership.

However, some motions cannot be rescinded. Examples are elections, action that has been completed (such as spending money or signing a contract) and amendments to your bylaws (which require that they be undone by the amending process).


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What would proper notice be for an emergency meeting.

Assuming we're still talking about a special meeting (as it is referred to in RONR), it is whatever the section in your bylaws that authorizes such meetings says it is. If your bylaws don't authorize special meetings, you can't hold them. If they do, but offer no statement on notice required, it is a "reasonable number of days in advance", and your organization will need to decide what that means, relative to how much time it would take to get notice out to all your members so that they can attend the meeting.

See RONR (11th Ed.) p. 91 l. 26ff.

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