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  1. A vote in progress can't be interrupted with a few exceptions (RONR pp. 408-409). Of course, the Board member is free to vote against the motion.
  2. Yes (with a possible exception). RONR has a whole section dedicated to the Appeal. See RONR pp. 255-260. Be aware that only members of the body that is meeting (not members of the public) are allowed to Appeal a ruling.
  3. Since the $2500 had already been spent wouldn't the motion be fully executed and thus couldn't be amended?
  4. None that I see. That being said you should look at your City's laws to determine whether the Commission had the authority to do what they did.
  5. This being a RONR forum we try to stay away from some of those questions. That being said members can't be deprived of their right to attend meetings or vote except through disciplinary proceedings (RONR p. 3 ll. 1-9). So unless the Bylaws address this sort of situation I would argue that any attempt to exclude members or disenfranchise them is not only invalid but should lead to disciplinary actions against the President and anyone else who were exceeding their authority. Of course, if a member is feeling ill they owe it to themselves and everyone else to stay home!
  6. See these Official Interpretations. Also see this thread.
  7. The same thing happened to me. Glitch in the system that somehow showed up in the forum??
  8. I can't speak to whether the forum can be modified to do what you are asking. However, two ideas come to mind. 1) Create a document listing the title names and link to the URLs of the threads you want to be able to reference later. Or, 2) Depending on the browser you use (I use Firefox) you can probably create a folder for forum topics you want to be able to reference later and "bookmark" (or "favorite") whatever you are interested in.
  9. Yes. For one thing you won't have to deal with that pesky CAPTCHA test every time you want to post something. Also, you can edit your posts where a guest can't (I'm not sure if the recent issues with regular posters being able to edit has been resolved). One other plus, though it is more for the other posters than it is for you, is if you plan to contribute regularly having an account allows others to see your post count. If I were new to the forum with little knowledge about parliamentary procedure (and the resumes of people who contribute here) I would probably lend more credence to the reply of someone who has posted here hundreds or thousands of times over someone who is posting as a guest.
  10. Good question. I think it was yesterday or the day before I was trying to pull up one of the Official Interpretations to answer a question and got the error message. Same thing with the FAQs. I had thought the site was down for repair or something like that but yeah still a problem today.
  11. Maybe when one of the mods reads this thread they can pass it onto our resident tech guru who can (hopefully) help katydid figure out the problem.
  12. If you hover your cursor over the Posted date it will give you the time stamp.
  13. Agreeing with Mr. Brown, I also second your thought about a short Users Manual being helpful. Absent one it will be just a matter of playing around with the system to figure things out (though you should become a member first so you can delete what you have done after playtime is over). Another idea (which would require our forum guru when she checks in) is to create a "sandbox" where new members (or current members who want to maximize their ability to use the forum's features) can go to play around and see how things work.
  14. Thank you.  This is what I thought.  I find people that just do what they want, when they want.  Thanks again.

  15. I wonder if the size of the pictures allowed is lower now (not that it was that big before) and so any pics that were too large got stripped during the transition.
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