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  1. An adopted motion continues in force until it is fully executed, amended, rescinded, or reconsidered. A motion that is defeated can be renewed (subject of course to any rules governing how and when it can be introduced). So in other words, just because the assembly decided something doesn't mean a future assembly can't go another direction.
  2. RONR does not grant the Chair or Board such power. Any such powers would need to be bestowed by an applicable rule or law.
  3. It does seem like the Secretary is straying into the Treasurer's lane. A member can make a motion directing the Secretary not to disseminate the organization's financial information (and in debate it can be pointed out that there is a mechanism in place to allow people with the right to that information to obtain it from the Treasurer).
  4. <Slaps head with hard-backed copy of RONR> That is a very good point!!
  5. He has no right to do so (under RONR). However, the Board can by a majority vote allow the non member (of the Board) to address them when no question is pending or by a 2/3 vote allow him or her to enter into debate.
  6. Two questions (so far): 1) Do your bylaws require a ballot vote for elections? 2) How long after you all declared the first candidate elected was the other nomination?
  7. In my experience hungry people make cranky people. But on the other hand my experience is also that folks tend to fall asleep after eating. So take your pick...hungry and angry or full and snoring.
  8. ...At which point my next question to the Treasurer would be where is the excess $500?
  9. Meaning the 12th Edition won't be out for another decade or so? Or this would go into the (lucky) 13th Edition?
  10. It is unclear what exactly the circumstances of your situation are. Can you please clarify your question with more details on how your bylaws specify business is conducted outside of a meeting?
  11. There is also a comma missing after "home" in the second sentence.
  12. It may or may not be proper depending on the circumstances. Can you give us an example?
  13. You are correct. The presiding officer has a duty to remain impartial (RONR pp. 394-395). If she wishes to enter into debate (or otherwise show partiality) she should turn the chair over to the Vice President.
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