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  1. I can't speak about the 30 days because that rule doesn't exist in RONR and (if the rule indeed exists) those details would likely be located in the club's bylaws or applicable law. As for the incumbents staying in office that may or may not be true depending on how the bylaws define their terms of office (RONR pp. 573-574). Also, the law regarding a Director not voting when having a "conflict" might not be applicable in elections (RONR pp. 407-408).
  2. If they weren't a member at the time of the meeting then they weren't a member at the meeting.
  3. Since we are talking about two different classes of membership and the proposed amendment was changed from bestowing privileges on Class A to giving those privileges to Class B only I would say such amendment would not be within the scope of notice.
  4. Board should approve minutes from Board meetings. General Membership should approve minutes from General Membership meetings (RONR pp. 473-475). It is true that if the Membership met less than quarterly they could delegate the authority to approve their minutes to the Board or a Committee. However, with the GM meeting twice a month I see no reason for the Board to get involved.
  5. One of the main purposes of using ballot voting is to ensure each member's vote is kept secret. If you aren't supposed to know whose ballot belongs to who then how do you know that the person's ballot who it's supposed to belong to isn't actually them? In other words, how is it so obvious?
  6. I don't see why the Chair couldn't just announce that he needs to step out momentarily and the VP will be presiding. If he couldn't wait until there was a lull in business before making the announcement I suppose he could 1) ask someone sitting close to him to grab the VP, or 2) let someone sitting close to him know he was stepping out momentarily and to summon the VP when there is a lull in business or someone inquires where the heck their presiding officer vanished off to. Of course, having the VP know as soon as possible is preferable so you don't have a situation where someone raises a Point of Order and the VP has no clue what was happening because he was busy playing Candy Crush on his phone.
  7. When the "vote" is to take place at the next meeting a Point of Order should be raised that the original vote was valid and if there was a question about how the vote was conducted it needed to be raised at that point (RONR pp. 250-251). That being said, in the future the members should take a look at RONR pp. 408-409 regarding when and how a member can change their vote/decide to vote.
  8. Sure, assuming your Bylaws permit absentee voting (RONR pp. 97-98 and pp. 423-424).
  9. That depends on the circumstances. Can you please provide more details such as for what reason do you believe a re-vote is warranted?
  10. You will need to ask a lawyer who is familiar with Connecticut law. That being said the default RONR position is that absentee voting (which would include e-mail voting) is not allowed (RONR pp. 423-424).
  11. As I mentioned earlier RONR doesn't grant anyone the authority to veto anything. Since (apparently) your Town's governing rules/law provides for a Mayoral Veto you will need to look to those rules and/or law for your answer.
  12. RONR doesn't grant the President (or anyone else for that matter) the power to "veto" anything. However, you may be using the term "veto" differently than us. Is the President claiming some rule has been violated by the adoption of this motion (and if so can you please provide more detail?) or does he or she simply not like the motion?
  13. If a member violates decorum then call the member to order. There is nothing in RONR prohibiting the use of personal stories (and anyone making the claim that it is should be asked to provide evidence of this claim).
  14. That depends on whom the Standing Rules are for. If they are for the Board then the General Membership wouldn't necessarily need to know about them or have any input. On the other hand, it the Standing Rules are for the General Membership my question is why the Board is getting involved in something that most likely have little to do with them?
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