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  1. Resignation is a voluntary action so you can't "make" someone resign. As for whether a Board member can be removed from office by a majority vote depends on what the Bylaws say.
  2. Although the Board may not have explicitly accepted the resignation it would seem they implicitly accepted it by filling the vacancy. Of course, in the future it might be better if they tighten up their procedure and accept the resignation first before picking their successor.
  3. The Officers only have the authority the Bylaws give them. So you will need to look to the Bylaws to determine what (if anything) the Officers can do.
  4. You would need to follow whatever procedures the Bylaws specify in order to call a Special Meeting (assuming the Bylaws actually permit calling them).
  5. Was this "suggestion" an actual motion to purchase Zoom or merely to open up the issue to discussion? Also, was there any deadline mentioned on when the discussion/vote would be finished? In either case there is nothing in RONR that would support that lack of response would mean that everyone was in favor of it (indeed it might be that everyone thought the idea was so absurd that it didn't even deserve a response). However, depending on the circumstances that position may be a bit more reasonable than it normally might be.
  6. Unless your Bylaws have a provision for suspending that rule you cannot (RONR p. 263 ll. 1-7). Even if you were able to do so I would strongly recommend you contact the agency which gives the organization its nonprofit status first to see what the implications would be.
  7. Agreeing with the others I will point out two things: 1) Your proposed Bylaws list the 10th Edition of Robert's Rules as the Senate's parliamentary authority. We are currently on the 11th Edition soon to be the 12th. 2) I got great amusement out of allowing the most sober campus cop to preside if no one else is at the meeting. However, beware because both Murphy's Law and the Law of Unintended Consequences have a very irritating habit of cropping up when you least want them to. There very well may be a time when the meeting needs to be cancelled and the most senior sober campus cop knowing this (and his parole officer is about to send him back to the Big House) may decide to take advantage to abscond with the Senate's money to some country without an extradition treaty with the US and the first thing he will do is lose said sobriety.
  8. The Chair can require it (RONR p. 40 ll. 4-7). From practical purposes depending on how long the motion is it might be necessary to move on to other business while the member puts the motion into writing.
  9. A member can debate the question and then to conclude move the Previous Question.
  10. You can't use mail-in voting unless the Bylaws specifically authorize it (RONR pp. 423-424).
  11. Instead of giving you a list (which I'm not sure even exists) I would suggest these organizations contact their State's Department of Revenue (or whatever name the State gives the governmental agency which takes our hard earned money). The agency probably can either give them that information directly or direct them to whoever has it.
  12. RONR doesn't answer your question. Have you all tried contacting the National Organization to see if they can put some pressure on the State Organization to supply those documents to you?
  13. There isn't any mechanism under RONR to cancel a meeting. However, what you can do is contact the members to (informally) decide when to meet (it has to be before your April meeting) or they can decide to meet at the call of the President. Then at the time of the March meeting a member or two can meet and adopt a motion to establish an Adjourned Meeting (RONR pp. 242-246) for whatever time the members decided upon or upon the call of the President then they can adjourn and go home. Another option, assuming there is no business so pressing it can't wait for the April meeting, is to forgo the Adjourned Meeting altogether. That member or two can call the meeting to order and immediately vote to adjourn then go home. Next meeting is then in April.
  14. The meeting starts when the Chair calls the meeting to order (or another member can call the meeting to order if the Chair isn't there or fails to do so). What was the member's objection to the meeting being called to order?
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