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  1. Chris Harrison

    Voting by the Chair

    How is the vote taken? Voice vote? Show of hands? Roll Call? Generally speaking though, with one exception, the minutes should not be reflecting who abstained in the first place.
  2. Unless there is evidence that the May meeting adopted the motion with the necessary threshold to Amend Something Previously Adopted it would be null and void per RONR p. 251(b).
  3. Chris Harrison

    Vote on motion

  4. Chris Harrison


    RONR makes no such claim.
  5. Is that allowance actually located in the bylaws? If not you can't do it (RONR pp. 423-424). Same response as above.
  6. Chris Harrison

    Subcomittee on a board

    No rule in RONR prohibits it. You are making the assumption that all 4 of the subcommittee members were on the same page. One of the members could have been outvoted by the other 3 but if he gets the other 3 Board members on his side the other 3 could be outvoted. Or the other 3 Board members may be able to get one or more of the 4 subcommittee members to change his or her mind. In other words the deck isn't necessarily stacked.
  7. Chris Harrison


    The first question is if your bylaws limit someone to holding a single office at a time? The second question is how are elections conducted (if by ballot are there separate ballots for each office or is every election held in a single ballot)? Those responses may determine the answer to your question. However, also see RONR p. 440 ll. 3-17.
  8. Chris Harrison

    All elected members have resigned

    Declined what? Barring any applicable laws those details should be figured out when the group is disbanded (RONR pp. 503-504).
  9. Calling the cops actually wasn't a joke response. If the organization is willing to press charges they can call the police to forcibly remove the disruptive person. See RONR pp. 645-648 for details. If the person is causing a ruckus it might be hard to conduct business while he or she is there so the Chair could take a short recess or tell the assembly to "stand at ease" until the issue is resolved.
  10. Good question. I think it was yesterday or the day before I was trying to pull up one of the Official Interpretations to answer a question and got the error message. Same thing with the FAQs. I had thought the site was down for repair or something like that but yeah still a problem today.
  11. Chris Harrison

    What determines a "New Board's" officers?

    The Bylaws.
  12. Chris Harrison


    I totally agree. Maybe the COO is upset that this person is educating himself thus making it more difficult for the COO (or anyone else) to run roughshod over the Board and is now trying to put the kibosh on it. However, (playing Devil's Advocate) who's to say that this person wasn't presenting us a skewed version of what was going on and the COO was taking umbrage to this especially if the person was planning to share these responses to other members in order to further his cause. Not suggesting this is the case but you know what Dr Phil says?1 1 "No matter how flat you make a pancake, it’s still got two sides."
  13. Chris Harrison


    Maybe. Did the COO want the Board to take some action off of this 15 page document or was it strictly to cause chaos with no other requested action?
  14. Chris Harrison

    Do customs ever become rules?

    Yeah there is a bit of a snafu since as you noted a custom which conflicts with the parliamentary authority falls to the ground upon a Point of Order being raised (RONR p. 19). A body which doesn't have a parliamentary authority uses the General Parliamentary Law which surprise surprise RONR for the most part is a codification of (RONR pp. xxix-xxx). Of course since RONR isn't your parliamentary authority who cares what it says ? I would ask though if not the General Parliamentary Law then what rules are you all going to follow??