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  1. Thank you. Yes this vote is being conducted via email. It is a vote that passed in June and that called for a re-evaluation of a Covid-19 training standard every 90 days. A new board member over that particular committee wanted to change the wording. He did not review that with his committee prior to our vote and not offer the amendment during the discussion phase. He is meeting with his committee this week to discuss and bring the amended standard to the board for a vote. We are using a more relaxed version of RRNR. Thank you for the references as I've left my RRNR book at home an
  2. Thank you gentlemen. I have expressed to our BOD that the current verbiage stands as the vote is in progress. He is free to vote "no" if he wishes. Once the vote passes or not, his committee may revisit the verbiage, change it, and resubmit to the BOD for another vote. I've also been counseled to do this by our former Chair. Is this reasonable? Renee
  3. Thank you. I'm out of town with my RONR book at home so I cannot look it up. Any chance of a copy/paste or file attachment please? Renee
  4. Hello. I am the Chair of a 501 c3 diving organization that uses relaxed RRoO. We have a motion and a second on a topic. The vote is in progress. A BOD member agrees to vote if additional verbiage is included. Do I Stop the voting process and ask this BOD member to return to his committee to amend the verbiage to be resent to the BOD to start a new vote? I'm new at this. Please advise. Kind regards, Renee
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