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Committee Meeting Minutes


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In a previous I read the following:

Thank you for the information --as a folow up question then once the executive session portion of the minutes are approved how are they then stored or maintained as so the staff and others that are employed do not see hem or does the secretary keep them in a seperate private file --not with regular minutes

RONR gives no specific advice on this issue, but the secretary should take care to ensure that the secrecy of the proceedings of the executive session are preserved. Keep in mind that all members have a right to examine the minutes, including the portions from executive session, while nonmembers have no rights to examine any minutes (that is, board minutes are accessible to board members; general membership meeting minutes are accessible to general members; and a member need not have been present at the executive session to exercise this right).

My questions

1. are committee minutues also accessible only to committee members?

2. Are Board minutes accesible go the general membership or to Board members only?


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1) Committees don't take minutes per se though in larger committees and many standing committees a Secretary may be chosen to keep a memorandum in the nature of minutes for the committee's use (RONR p. 500).

2) Only Board members have a right to review the minutes of Board meetings. However, the General Membership as a body could order the Board's minutes produced and read at a GM meeting (RONR p. 487).

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