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Election Need

Guest PJ

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Need to, maybe not.

If the bylaws require a ballot vote, then a ballot vote it is, and anyone's name can be written in by the voters, as a valid vote.

If the bylaws do not require a ballot vote, and if no other nominations are forthcoming besides the "slate" (an unpalatable term), the chairman can declare the sole nominees elected by acclamation.

That may be it. But it's 2 AM.

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Do you need to hold a board election when there is nobody running against the slate?

If it's time for an election, then you need to have an election, following whatever rules are laid out in your bylaws. Now, if the bylaws don't require a ballot vote, and if no additional nominations are made from the floor, then the election can, indeed, be quite brief -- as described by Mr. Tesser. This doesn't mean, however, that you skip the election process entirely (just in case that was the assumption behind your question).

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