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By Laws Changes for electing Board of Directors at a Credit Union.

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Should the General Credit Union Membership have the right to vote on changes to the By Laws?

Should they? One would hope so. But the bylaws themselves should include a section on amendments, in which it might give the authority to amend the bylaws to some other entity. So, a careful read of your bylaws, and other governing documents, may give you the answer.

Per RONR: "The bylaws should always prescribe the procedure for their amendment, and such provision should always require at least that advance notice be given in a specified manner, and that the amendment be approved by a two thirds vote. If the bylaws contain no provision for their amendment, they can be amended by a two-thirds vote if previous notice (in the sense defined on page 121) has been given, they can be amended by vote of a majority of the entire membership." (RONR 11th Ed, p. 580 ll. 25 - p. 581 l. 7)

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