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No Second Received

Guest Phil Sims

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As far as RONR's rules are concerned, Yes. Without a second, the chairman should have announced (did he?) that the "motion is not before this meeting" - p. 36. But if your city council is in the nature of a small Board, then seconds are not required for motions (p. 488) , and matters are a bit clouded -- someone made a legitimate motion and it was ignored. This is not a situation described by RONR at all.

But your city council rules may say something different. Check them.

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If a motion did not receive a second, can it be reintroduced at a future City Council meeting?

Yes, even if the motion was put to a vote and lost, it can be made anew at a following session.

Since no vote has been taken on the motion is it considered that NO ACTION has been taken on the motion?

If it never came before the assembly, no ACTION has been taken on it. However, the specific rules of your organization may dictate special parameters or time limits for considering certain motions.

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