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Voting Delegates

Guest Mrs Z

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Our bylaws state: "Each delegate shall be entitled to one vote unless a chapter is represented by a single registered accredited delegate; that delegate shall then have two votes."

It has been like this for 50 plus years. At our recent meeting the PRP informed us that this was against Roberts Rules and no matter what the circumstances a delegate should have only one vote.

My questions: Really?! Even if it is a special rule of our organization?

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RONR finds that "one member, one vote" is a fundamental principle. However, your bylaws take precedence:

"An assembly or society is free to adopt any rules it may wish (even rules deviating from parliamentary law), provided that, in the procedure of adopting them, it conforms to parliamentary law or its own existing rules."

RONR (11th ed.), p.10, ll. 22-25

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