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Can officers vote in elections?

Guest Uriah84

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I am a voting member of my local Republican party known as Central Committee and officer elections are coming up soon.

Our Treasurer was an elected member of our county Central Committee. She gave up her position as a committee member to allow someone else to serve on the committee. Officers do not need to be selected from the voting membership according to our by-laws. So, she is allowed to keep her position as treasurer. According to RR is she allowed to vote on any issues, especially election of officers?

Please site where I can find this in RR 11th Ed.

Thanks in advance.

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No. Only members of an association (in your case the "Central Committee") are permitted to vote on association business and issues - an election is "business".

Your bylaws agree with RONR in saying that a non-member can be an association officer, p. 447.

There is no specific RONR citation that fits your situation other than p. 3 describing the rights of members. By implication, a non-member has none of those rights.

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