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Majority when only one member votes

Guest james_richmond

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Can a single member approve committee minutes?

A standing committee with three members held a meeting in 2012.

Two members were replaced for the 2013 committee composition.

The two new members have no knowledge of the 2012 meeting proceedings.

The minutes of the 2012 meeting came up for approval at a 2013 meeting.

The two new members abstained due to lack of knowledge about the meeting.

Can the single returning member vote to approve the 2012 minutes?

(I think the answer is yes because there would be more votes in favor than against.)

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Guest_Guest should be forgiven for his (skeptical-?, nothing wrong with skeptical) questioning attitude, however.

The "No vote on minutes" rule on p. 355 is new to the 11th edition; the 10th had it that "a formal motion to approve them is not out of order" and does not say, as the 11th does, that even if a motion to approve is made it should not be voted upon. And in the 10th the chair has the option ("may"), expressed indirectly, of calling for a vote.

We all just have to keep looking for those changes that may sneak up on us.

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