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Notification of Special meeting


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Ten days notice of General Meeting convened by order of a Committee shall be given to the members entitled to attend and vote, by a circular specifying the time and place of such meeting and business to be transacted. A further notice shall be placed on the Clubs Notice Board.
All notices calling meetings may be sent by post and addressed to members at such address as may be recorded in the Club book.
1. Would a newsletter and text be sufficient under the term
by a circular"
2. Is the committee obliged to send written notice (by post) to members, given that it states.
"All notices calling meetings may be sent by post"
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1. RONR does not define what a "circular" is, so it will be up to the membership to define that. The rules should be clarified to explain exactly how notice is to be delivered.

2. All members of the assembly that is meeting are required to be sent the notice. RONR tends to indicate "post" (i.e. by mail) as the preferred method, although it does allow for email notification for members who have agreed to receive notice in that fashion. Again, your rules should be clarified on this. The fact that your rules say "may" does not strongly indicate this as a requirement, but as an option, thus leaving one to wonder what alternatives would be available and acceptable. That is up to the membership to decide.

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