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Unidentifiable spam-filter pictures

Guest Nancy N.

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Any chance we could get the spam-filter pictures provided with a caption?  I'm sure I'm not supposed to be unable to recognize the violin or the luscious strawberries or dismembered frog or the dog, or is it a rabbit, or any of the houses, but I've asked three people what that thing that looks like a cross between a socket wrench and a Klingon warbird really is, and the best I got is an earring that's designed by Salvador Dali.

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The reversion to the picture puzzles is much better than whatever temporarily took their place (which, somehow, I've managed to forget).


Oh absolutely....


If you don't like it . . . become a member.


We cookware need to stick together!  (unlike when washed infrequently)


And that thing you think might be a Klingon warbird is a piston.



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