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Does the parliamentarian and a Past President (who sits on the current board as advisor) get a vote on minutes, treasurers reports, planning, budget decisions?


The Past President, if a member of the assembly, has as much right to vote as any other member.


The Parliamentarian is a different story. While a member parliamentarian ultimately has the right to vote on all matters, he should refrain from voting unless the vote is taken by ballot, in order to preserve the appearance of impartiality.


Also, minutes and treasurers' reports shouldn't be voted on. Reports for information only are simply placed on file, although the Treasurer's annual report is submitted for audit and the report of the auditors is voted on. If the report contains recommendations, it is the recommendations which are voted on, not the report. The minutes are not put to a final vote. Rather, the minutes are declared approved after any corrections are dealt with.

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My mistake - should have said 'all in favor', etc.  on minutes/treasurers report -


Okay, but you shouldn't be doing that either. :)


After any corrections are handled, the chair declares the minutes approved. There is no need to ask "all in favor." If a member has a problem with the minutes, his only option is to propose a correction.


Reports for information only should not be adopted either by a vote or unanimous consent, especially unaudited Treasurer's Reports. It would be problematic if the assembly approved a report concerning the organization's finances which later turned out to not be correct. The reports should simply be placed on file.


The vote taking I'm referring to would be at a board meeting - not a general membership meeting.  Does that matter?


Not especially. If they're board members, they have the right to vote, if not, they don't. As noted, there's no special rules regarding voting for the Past President. The voting restrictions for the Parliamentarian apply in any assembly where he serves as the parliamentarian.

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